Ford 021c Ten Years Too Early?

29 09 2009

I remember when this car first came out. I liked it then, I like it now.

Ford 021c Ten Years Too Early?

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Sea of FD

5 09 2009

no comment needed… just wow


hellafunctional [approved.]

5 09 2009

This website is fantastic:

Finally a site dedicated to trashing the stupid ricer (and not remotely jdm) “hellaflush” trend and post real motorsports cars.

Real race cars rocking hellafunctional stickers…



If you don’t know what “hellaflush” / aggressive fitment (rawr) / “wrong fitment krew” are, here are some useful (hilarious) links:

My favorite comment:  “herra frush.  Its the only way to take a 40k dollar sports car and make it functionally slower than a camry.”



19 08 2009

There’s been a trend in Japan of following the way Americans modify Japanese cars.  It’s still a pretty niche trend but it’s really interesting to see how another culture perceives/views our culture (especially how they believe we interpret their style… if that makes sense).  The trend is illustrated by the “USDM JAM” car show series over there:

If you looked at “USDM”-styled j-spec cars a few years ago you’d see quite a lot of Sport Compact styled cars – integras with USDM fronts, bomex (although the real deal) and other “street fighter” / ridiculous late 90’s-era bodykits.

But times have changed and “JDM” is the new way in America.  And times appear to be changing again (I’m against it) towards a form-over-function style that isn’t JDM at all.

As a result “USDM” cars in Japan are fairly oem-looking cars on the exterior with perhaps a subtle lip, extreme suspension slamming, and an emphasis placed on the wheel fitment (ugh… note this is a purely American style apart from Drifters and VIP cars in Japan)… Basically you can tell the Japanese have been keeping up with U.S. car forums 😆

I ❤ my Heso-Ni !


13 02 2009

If you aren’t a Honda guy you probably might wonder why this looks nothing like Civics over here that you see every 2 minutes on your daily grind to school/work.  Well Mugen injected it with steroids.  But that’s only half the story – the latest Japanese Model civics have different front and rear headlights than it’s UDSM counterpart you’re more used to seeing.  Honda has also kept its sports line the Civic Type R just for its own market, and semi-in-house tuner Mugen has gone buck wild on the latest Type R offering – the Mugen RR.

Mugen only made 300 Mugen RR’s based on the FD2 Honda Civic Type R making owning one very exclusive.  But for those who want to stand out even more in a culture that values conformity – oh there are mods:


Hailing from Chiba, Japan, this RR owned by Tsuchi has a well pieced together ensemble of aftermarket parts – most notably the wheels . . .

ADVAN AVS Model T5 — 20 x 9 J with a 42mm offset.  Chrome. (super brilliant coating actually) with “Time Attack” red pinstriping added custom :O


While 20″ wheels on a Civic were once unthinkable – the newer FD2 is a larger car and this particular example pulls it off PERFECTLY


Bit more tire stretch than I like to see, but it still looks good and aggressive fitment (ugh) advocates are probably wetting themselves about now 😛


A night on the town . . .


One thing I particularly credit MUGEN for is the details of their cars.  While some companies are content to throw a fiberglass bumper on a car and call it a day – MUGEN does things like add custom but only-designed-to-fit-their-own-bumper foglights and rear fog, subtle carbon fiber trim, and other niceties.


Where’s Brembo.


You might immediately recognize the location as Daikoku Futo – famous japanese car meet location on an industrial island in Tokyo Bay (rest stop off Tokyo’s main ring road).  On a busier night the lot gets filled.pqs




. . .


Don’t even think about pasting a caption… lol 😀


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Silver Dream S15 [MINI FEATURE]

11 02 2009

Nissan Silvia S15 owned by Katsu — not many details on this car hence the mini-feature but it may be the most spectacular example of S15 I’ve ever seen.

“Special silver” color and Work Emotion XT7

When these wheels first dropped I thought they would have immediate potential but most of the examples I’ve seen thus far have not had an easy time making it work.  This car pulls it off BEAUTIFULLY.


RUFUSPOIRA!!!  The combination of roof spoiler and decklid lip wing is a classic silvia look… that I sort of “adopted” for my Subaru 😀


– photography and the equally sick white S15 on Work Meisters owned by Etoyan of Fukuoka.

IN YO FACE!!! [FEATURED: Total Car Produce Magic FACE G Widebody RX7]

1 02 2009

Except for maybe some of the mind-warping bodywork done by Tamon for the RX7 I think this TOTAL CAR PRODUCE MAGIC G widebody Rx-7 is one of the most spectacular designs I’ve seen for the car.  The car takes on a whole exotic new look while still keeping it distinctly FD.

Car appeared at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show…


… but it wasn’t built just to sit and look pretty on the show floor.


FRP vented hood made by SCOOT


Carbon fiber projector headlights made by CWEST


Super GT (JGTC) style vented upswept front fender line


Total Car Produce Magic front fender diffuser


Total Car Produce Magic rear fender canard


downswept exhaustp2-1

Oh and it gets driven


underneath all the carbon fiber…


Total Car Produce Magic “FACE G” widebody kit


car owned by Ka2 @ Gface7